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The Last Stretch Experience

When I was applying to Wharton almost 3 years ago, I learned the term “stretch experience.” “A what?” I remember asking my friend who was WG’13. “It’s a term used at Wharton. It’s about pushing yourself. At Wharton, people sign up for activities that physically and mentally stretch themselves. Push boundaries and learn from it.

Best Date Spots in Philly

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but you can still check out these 10 fun, quirky, and romantic date options I’ve thought a lot about this article: best date spots in Philly. First of all, what makes a good date spot? What spurs true romance? Is it ambiance (read: dim lighting)? Is it strong drinks

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season

You might be asking yourself, where did the semester go? 1Ys don’t panic – its still not FRP yet and you have a delightful winter break ahead with Leadership Ventures, Treks, GIPs and more. 2Ys you’re either still “celebrating” signing your offer from 3 months ago or are just picking up on the fact that