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Wines <$20 to Manage Your Vacation Withdrawal

Is it just me or was everyone in South America over break? Or if your Espanol isn’t too bueno maybe you went to Australia (mine is mucho bueno, clearly)? It’s as if we collectively said “hey, these birds are onto something with their whole migrating south thing. Let’s try that too”…but with planes…and nice hotels…and

Turn Cheap Wine into Holiday Cheer

When it comes to buying booze in Philly, the 21st and Market store is pretty classy —high ceilings, wood paneling, and a “Premium Wines”section that mentally prepares you for spending a lot of money. But in an effort to really get to know Philly and break outta the bubble in my second year, I went

Pre-gaming, Bubbly Style

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: people should bring bubbly to pregames. I know what you’re thinking: “Doesn’t she know that just because sparkling wine has bubbles, that doesn’t make it beer!?” or “Just because we’re at Wharton, doesn’t mean we have to be fancy!” (trust me, we’re not). In true David

First Date Wines

It’s about three weeks after Valentine’s Day, which means you are officially in the clear to go on a first date. No longer do you face confusion around romantic gifts, gag gifts, cards, flowers or worse yet “the conversation”. Now’s the time to really impress that person you’ve been macking on all semester, and the