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A Year After Q1 Salute

Q1 Salute It’s been a year since end of first year Q1. Last year this time, I remember a bunch of us walking on the bridge over Schuylkill River at the end of MGEC exam, to celebrate Q1 salute at Pub. The happy vibe moved from Huntsman to Armory that evening as all of first

millennial economy

The Millennial Economy

With a fantastic lineup of speakers including Next Step CEO Blair Brandt, CEO Umang Dua of Handy, Co-Founder Luke Sherwin of Casper, and Gabby Etrong Cohen, the SVP of PR & Brand Strategy at Soul Cycle, The Millenial Economy Panel at Wharton on 18th February 2016 had some great lessons for potential entrepreneurs. Here, the most interesting things we picked


How much did we learn?

It’s been a quarter at Wharton, and among all the people we have gotten to know, the ones we have spent a substantial amount of time with are members of our learning team. Trying to understanding the experience of learning teams, beyond my own, I interviewed members of a learning team from Cohort D to