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Entrepreneur’s Corner: FITiST

Entrepreneur’s Corner: FITiST

Interview with Caroline Levy Limpert (WG ’07), Cofounder of FITiST   Wharton Journal: Thanks for speaking with us today. What is FITiST, and how did you come up with the idea behind the business?   Caroline Levy Limpert: FITiST is the first bi-coastal luxury online fitness and wellness platform offering one-stop access to the best

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Adornia

Interview with Moran Amir (WG ’13) and Becca Aronson (WG ’13), Co-Founders of Adornia   Wharton Journal: What distinguishes Adornia from rest of jewelry landscape?   Moran Amir: Adornia is the modern jeweler for the new generation of women, bringing both a true fashion perspective to fine jewelry and filling an online gap for sophisticated

2012 Wharton Venture Award Winners

After a highly competitive selection process, five student-led ventures were selected to receive the 2012 Wharton Venture Award (WVA). The WVA Program provides selected student entrepreneurs with $10,000 in funding to pursue the development of their ventures during the summer between their first and second years. WVA is one of several  high-impact programs sponsored by

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Flypad

Interview with Ayo Omojola, Co-Founder of Flypad   Wharton Journal: What is Flypad?   Ayo Omojola:  A game console made of software, controlled by your phone. We want to make everyone be two clicks away from playing a game, at any time, on any screen.   WJ: You used to trade rate securities at Bank

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Stylyt

Interview with Jenny Wu, Co-founder of Stylyt   Wharton Journal: What is Stylyt?   Jenny Wu: Stylyt helps contemporary fashion brands capture the loyalty of fickle and demanding Millennials by engaging them directly in the creative process. Our platform lets any user play fashion designer for real brands. Our web-based customization studio takes the fabrics,

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Birchbox

Interview with Katia Beauchamp, Founder and Co-CEO of Birchbox   Wharton Journal: What is Birchbox?   Katia Beauchamp: Birchbox is a discovery retail company designed to help women identify and experience the newest and best in beauty. Our model is simple: A customer signs up, receives a box of deluxe samples in the mail, visits