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Entrepreneur’s Corner: Acustom

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Acustom

  Interview with Jamal Motlagh, Founder and CEO of Acustom   Wharton Journal: What is Acustom, and how did you come up with the idea?   Jamal Motlagh: Acustom is a new, digitally-enabled way to create custom-fitted clothing. We allow our customers to design and co-create their own apparel items. Customers visit one of our

Entrepreneur’s Corner: olook

Interview with Peter Ostroske, Co-Founder   Wharton Journal: What is olook?   Peter Ostroske: olook is a Brazilian, online fashion brand that delivers the most up-to-date women’s shoe, purse and jewelry designs to its members at prices that are fifty percent less than comparable products on the market.   The success of our business relies

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Urban Cargo

Interview with co-founder Krishna Gullapalli, WG’12   Wharton Journal: What is Urban Cargo, and how did you come up with the idea?   Krishna Gullapalli: Urban Cargo is a service that helps men discover premium grooming products, such as shaving cream, face wash and hair gels, to help them step up their game. Each month,

Entrepreneur’s Corner: FashionStake

Interview with Vivian Weng, Co-Founder of FashionStake, which was acquired by on January 13th, 2012.   Wharton Journal: What is FashionStake?   Vivian Weng: FashionStake is an online, community-based marketplace for independent fashion designers. We leverage crowd-sourcing to create an online community where our members vote on which pieces and which designers get highlighted

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Snapette

Interview with Sarah Paiji   What is Snapette? Snappette is an iphone app that helps women discover great fashion in the world around them. We’re making it easy to find or share user-generated photos of in-store products.   Did you arrive at HBS with the intention to launch a startup, or did it happen organically?