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One for the World: A Practical, Effective Approach to Meaningful Philanthropy

One for the World: A Practical, Effective Approach to Meaningful Philanthropy

For most top business schools, Social Impact is the new black. It’s never been more in vogue; promotional literature touting sexy social impact “initiatives” and “experiential learning opportunities” are featured front and center on school pamphlets and websites. Wharton is certainly no stranger to this trend, and proudly tries to infuse social impact in its

Diversity at Wharton… or the Lack Thereof?

During my UCLA graduation, my proud father forced me to take pictures with what seemed like every single friend I had on campus. As we were taking part in my twentieth photoshoot of the day, my dad remarked, “Don’t you know anyone that isn’t Indian?” I had never stopped to think about it until then,


Wharton’s Got Talent

Did you know that your fellow student Yuchen Jin (WG ‘14) is a master wordsmith when it comes to Chinese Bamboo Rap, of that Ryan Vass (WG ‘14) leads a funk band called The Vass Reference Experience? Showcasing these unique talents is the aim of “Wharton’s Got Talent,” being held this Wednesday, April 23rd at

Japan Trek - Daniel van den Bergh (Credit0

Japan Trek 2014: An Eye-witness Account Of Japan’s Vibrant Culture, Dizzying Modernity and Wharton MBA Debauchery

 “Wait, you’re not Andrew Hedin (WG ’15),” said Jeff Goodman (WG ’15), Hedin’s roommate at the Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en. It was Thursday morning, and I woke up dazed and confused in a random room in a random bed. My head was throbbing, my body was severely dehydrated, and I was wrapped in a completely soaked