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15 awkward moments of FRP

  1. You put the wrong company name in your cover letter 2. You have no interview during the whole FRP 3.  You had 4 back-to-back interviews in one day 4. You said something stupid in the interview 5. You tried to be confident in the interview but actually you were like… 6. You spent

Expectations v Reality: White Party

EXPECTATION: What were your expectations going into White Party? What did you think it would be like? REALITY: Tell us how it went! Expectation: I had heard really awesome things. Supposed to be one of the best parties of the year Reality: Honestly, I was so drunk, I don’t even know if I liked it.

Meet Your Cluster Presidents

C1 | Sara Leitner WG’18 Cluster Olympic Sport: Flag Football Cluster Vision: Showing our Lion Pride as we build community in the Cluster and throughout Wharton by representing the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and interests our Cluster and class. Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Darien, CT/Georgetown University/American Studies/Marketing Liquor at Pub? Vodka How Will You Represent Class of 2018? The past

Wharton, Are you Innocent?

Diversity is one of the most beautiful virtues of MBA, but has always been a “hot potato” within the community. As the editors of the Wharton Journal, we feel that it is our role to start and intensify the conversation that may seem quite sensitive but too much significant to ignore. We believe that diversity

Diversity Workshop Review

In this section, we take a small sampling of current 1Y MBA students’ personal views in reaction to this year’s Diversity Workshop. All of us in the Wharton community are here in part to learn from one another, and we recognize that perspectives may change over time. Our intent is for these pieces to launch

1Y v 2Y

Wharton Journal asked a bunch of first years and second years on some important topics. This is what he heard. Topic First years Second years Party tickets (30 minutes before tickets go live) – Refresh, refresh, refresh. My life will be over if I don’t go for this party If I don’t get a ticket,

Why I Wore Black

Andre Ellis WG’18 I, like the majority of the black men in this country, believe that Terrence Crutcher or Keith Scott, could have easily been me or someone close to me.  Black people in this country are viewed differently and problematically and I operate with the understanding that my education, my job history and my

Summer Star(tup): Burrow

Burrow is a direct-to-consumer sofa company that manufactures and sells high-quality, designer sofas for a fraction of the price of comparable retailers. Founders, Stephen Kuhl (WG’17) and Kabeer Chopra (WG’17) started Burrow at Wharton. We asked Stephen Kuhl to share the Burrow story with Wharton Journal: Did you come into Wharton knowing that you want

Like Father, Like Son

Growing up, I thought that I was famous. When I was three years old, my parents made a fake “Newsweek” magazine cover with me in the center dressed in an immaculate all-white suit and baby-blue tie. After seeing this cover, I immediately shared the good news with all of my friends, and they believed me.