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Going International? Here’s Some Recruiting Advice…

Going International? Here’s Some Recruiting Advice…

Every year MBA Career Management pounds the pavement and makes hundreds of phone calls and visits to companies collecting essential information for you about recruiting plans, candidate qualifications, industry trends, and expectations for the upcoming year.  We also put a significant focus on connecting with firms across the globe to source job opportunities and gain

10 Reasons to Attend The Whitney M. Young Jr. Conference

Don’t miss one of Wharton’s biggest conferences of the year: the 2015 Whitney M. Young Jr. Memorial Conference. Wharton’s African American MBA Association (AAMBAA) is once again celebrating the legacy of an incredible humanitarian and civil rights activist, Whitney M. Young Jr. with this year’s event, themed The New Black: Creating Impact in Business and

From Beyond the Grave

To my soon departing 2nd years: hey there [seductive wink!]. To the first years who don’t know me: I’m a combination of the angel and devil sitting on your shoulders. I’m the encouraging voice inside your head when you really want to speak to a gal at the other end of the bar, but your

Climbing Cotopaxi is All About the Team

by Jenvit Seriburi WG’16 Whenever I heard the phrase “Leadership Venture,” I always thought of how expensive and how tough the experience would be. However, after spending one week in Ecuador on the Cotopaxi trip, I now associate “Leadership Venture” with “the best experience I’ve had at Wharton.” One of the most surprising things from the

Wharton Business Plan Competition: Semi-Finalists

Below are the 25 semi-finalists for the Wharton Business Plan Competition (presented in alphabetical order). Last year’s winner was Slidejoy, an Android app that pays users to view advertisements every time they unlock their smartphones. Bungalow Insurance Team Leader: Tom Austin WG’15 Team Member: Zack Stiefler WG’15 Bungalow Insurance is using technology and design to create an insurance experience

WGA Executives – Letter to Wharton

Hi! Hola! Olá! Zdrávstvujte! Sà-wàt-dee! Konnichiwa! Nǐ hǎo! Namaskār! We are your new WGA 2015-2016 Executive Board – Zach Kahn (Prez), Anirudh “AJ” Jangalapalli (Student Affairs), Katie Kilborn (Clubs & Conferences), and Jeannie Chen ($$$$). First off, thank you Wharton for your support! We are really excited to be taking the helm of the WGA