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Laura Minskoff WGA

WGA ’15-’16 Elections Q&A: Team Laura

WGA ’15-’16 Elections Q&A: Team Laura

Team Laura Laura Minskoff (President) Scott Casale (EVP Student Affairs) Pauline Koningsveld (EVP Clubs & Conferences) Emeel Salem (EVP Finance)  What is your team’s vision and goals for Wharton and WGA? We believe the best part of Wharton is the people. We aim to foster a collaborative environment that empowers students to take advantage of

Team Saul

WGA ’15-’16 Elections Q&A: Team Saul

Team Saul Saul Gorman (President) Priya Boyington (EVP Student Affairs) Joyce Chai (EVP Clubs & Conferences) Maciej Flakowicz (EVP Finance) What is your team’s vision and goals for Wharton and WGA? A better Wharton begins at pre-term and lasts through graduation. Our goals include: STRONGER CLUSTERS: Provide more support for Cluster Councils to help first-years

Love Life Tips for the Wharton Maximizer

By Geoff C, WG ’16 Now that you’ve landed your dream internship, do you want to start filling the gaping void that has been your love life for the last four months, but don’t know how to start? Or if you have ended FRP without your offer of choice, are you worried that the time

The Stupidest Thing One Could Do Ever In Life

By Varun Uttamchandani WG ‘15 “I live for the nights that I can’t remember, with the people that I won’t forget”—Aubrey “Drake” Graham And my, how incredible have these nights been. Ragey pregames. Learning Team meetings that turn into gossip fests and “Top 5” lists. Party bus trips to Delaware to watch the XX. Dancing

Wharton Sex Survey.2.15.2015.2 v3

The 2015 Wharton Journal Love (#sex) Survey

The 2015 Wharton Journal Love (#sex) Survey was carried out between Tuesday the 10th and Sunday the 15th of February 2015. They survey was sent to about 1600 Wharton students via email and social media. The survey received 254 responses. Of those who responded to the survey, 59% were Male, 40% were female, and 1%