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911’s Biggest Fears Taken on by Wharton Startup

911’s Biggest Fears Taken on by Wharton Startup

If I asked what the first word you learned to call as a child was, you would most likely say, “911.” That’s because from a very young age we’re taught that if something really hurts to call 911 and go to the emergency room (ER). This lesson is one that we haven’t forgotten. Each year,

Why I Launched StartU

You can’t spend more than a few days at Wharton without hearing the story of Warby Parker. First, at Welcome Weekend; then in your Marketing 611 class with Barbara Kahn or Jonah Berger; and finally, in just about any elective you take on entrepreneurship, operations, or marketing during your time at Wharton. And, of course,

This Wharton Entrepreneur’s Startup Will Disrupt the U.S. Real Estate Industry

Steignet, founded by A.J. Steigman (WG’18), will be an arbitrage platform for the residential real estate market.   He is developing proprietary technology to identify undervalued and mispriced assets throughout the U.S. Using machine learning and decision engines, Steignet will generate superior alpha for its real estate investors & partners. —————————————————– A lot of my friends asked me

Taxes Served

Wharton MBA student Andre Ellis Jr. has created an on-demand startup company called Taxes Served that is looking to transform the tax preparation industry by offering a digital platform that connects users with experienced tax professionals. The goal for Ellis was to create something that would help improve the financial situation for low-income communities. Prior

UPenn Wharton MBA team wins Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition at Fuqua

The Wharton team outlasted a field of 34 teams to win the Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition, focused on renewable energy development in rural Kenya. MKOPA—a residential solar company operating in East Africa—asked top MBA’s across the country: “How should MKOPA adapt its business operations in Kenya with its off-grid solutions? What should the

Wharton Startup ZEV Set to Facilitate Electric Vehicle Sales

In a world facing climate change, how can we increase electric vehicle (EV) sales? Introducing ZEV’s software solution for automakers and dealerships   I am launching ZEV to help dealerships and automakers sell more electric vehicles by providing consumers with technical information and specific advice on purchasing an electric vehicle for the first time. We