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What’s it like to work at a start-up during Wharton!

In this article, George Birman and Halley Goodman (WG ’16) share their experiences about working part-time with Hillflint, a San Francisco-based retail-apparel startup. The startup is bringing a line of school-branded, premium-quality sweaters to campuses.  How did you find each other and Hillflint? I had read about Hillflint in GQ and was interested in buying a sweater.

Tech Recruiting Advise from 2Ys

Big data!? Sales Ops?? Startups? Tech geeks, ladies and gents: The Wharton Journal brings you to the best of dos and dont’s on tech recruiting. Listed below are notes from 2Ys who successfully cracked interviews and spent their summers in technology companies, both big and small. Apple: Candidate: Stephanie Landry, NYU Stern (Fin, Econ and

The Magic at Google

Google’s EIS at Wharton has one of the highest attendance rates in recent years, surpassing even Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. Students from all walks of life, who invested hundreds of hours interviewing for other industries, all showed up to listen to what Google had to say. This matters not just because recruiting season is in


WG ’14s Launch New Messenger App, WeHub

WeHUB changes the messaging game by incorporating features from existing communication apps, and some you’ve never seen before, into one unified, gamified, messaging platform. WeHUB takes messaging to a whole new level.  Created by Hagen Lee (WG’14) two years ago, WeHUB Messenger exhibits a variety of unique features at enable you recall hastily sent messages

Unconventional Wisdom

Synopsis: The Regional Seminar, a component of SSF, brings the knowledge of industry leaders and entrepreneurs to Wharton students – this article shares some of those insights. What is this Regional Seminar? It’s compulsory? And do we have to write reflections? The whining began as with any Wharton course we are involuntarily signed up to.


You’ve Got Mail!

When Wharton students, Adarsh Manpuria (WG15), Apoorva Pandhi (WG15) & Daniel Judd (W14) found themselves discussing, week after week, how painful it was to manage their overload of school & personal emails (100+ emails daily), they realized that there has to be a simpler, more efficient way of managing their inbox. Daniel had seen some