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Real Talk with Rent the Runway

Real Talk with Rent the Runway

It’s no surprise that women continue to lag behind men in the startup community. Few women join startups and even fewer found their own companies. Yet Rent the Runway—one of most successful ventures largely run by women—has proved that women can make a mark in the retail/tech industry. Beth Kaplan, COO of Rent the Runway,

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

This summer, Erin and I were preparing to pitch LashBee as part of an accelerator program. We had spent the better half of our Wharton second year working on LashBee, a semi-permanent eyelash extension service that uses product engineering and salon partnerships to make extensions safer, faster and more accessible. While not our first pitch, this

Entrepreneurship in the Middle Kingdom

At Wharton, we’re often encouraged to find our stretch experience. No one I know has leapt out of his comfort zone in pursuit of entrepreneurial success more than Robert Fried (WG’16). It was 2007 when the Virginia native first visited China. He was fascinated by the country’s eclectic activity, from its unprecedented economic growth to

What It’s Like to Intern at Uber

Right before the last week of my internship, I was hanging out with a few classmates and told them that, despite the awesomeness of second-year at Wharton, I actually felt bummed that my Uber internship experience was almost over. Looking back at the summer, I undoubtedly had high expectations for my internship. I was very

Heart behind the Hype

ROI, SWOT, LBO, M&A. Oh, wait – wrong buzzwords. It’s now cloud computing, pivoting, big data, 3D printing and FinTech. Tech and entrepreneurship have gained popularity among Wharton MBAs with 13.7% of the 2014 class accepting full time positions in tech, up from 5.6% in 2010. It is the top 3 industry choice among MBAs

What’s it like to work at a start-up during Wharton!

In this article, George Birman and Halley Goodman (WG ’16) share their experiences about working part-time with Hillflint, a San Francisco-based retail-apparel startup. The startup is bringing a line of school-branded, premium-quality sweaters to campuses.  How did you find each other and Hillflint? I had read about Hillflint in GQ and was interested in buying a sweater.

Tech Recruiting Advise from 2Ys

Big data!? Sales Ops?? Startups? Tech geeks, ladies and gents: The Wharton Journal brings you to the best of dos and dont’s on tech recruiting. Listed below are notes from 2Ys who successfully cracked interviews and spent their summers in technology companies, both big and small. Apple: Candidate: Stephanie Landry, NYU Stern (Fin, Econ and