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1Y v 2Y

Wharton Journal asked a bunch of first years and second years on some important topics. This is what he heard. Topic First years Second years Party tickets (30 minutes before tickets go live) – Refresh, refresh, refresh. My life will be over if I don’t go for this party If I don’t get a ticket,

Why I Wore Black

Andre Ellis WG’18 I, like the majority of the black men in this country, believe that Terrence Crutcher or Keith Scott, could have easily been me or someone close to me.  Black people in this country are viewed differently and problematically and I operate with the understanding that my education, my job history and my

Opinion: Breaking the taboo on womanhood

When I was in middle school, I watched an episode of Anne Frank: The Whole Story in history class. The episode was supposed to cement for us the cruel realities of the Holocaust. To our teacher’s chagrin, this was the scene that captured the attention of our 12-year-old minds: Anne Frank goes to the bathroom

Wharton Unveils Inaugural Lactation Rooms

When Gil Kaminski WG ’16 arrived on campus in August 2014 with infant in tow, she said she was surprised to learn that Huntsman Hall did not have a dedicated space where she could breastfeed or pump breast milk during the day. This week, Wharton unveils a newly constructed, four-room lactation suite with locking doors,

Keeping It Original: A Conversation with Adam Grant

Adam Grant needs no introduction. One of Wharton’s most highly rated professors, Grant is on record as an advocate for women in business. Grant’s latest book and New York Times bestseller, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, analyzes the habits of creative, original thinkers. I connected with Grant last week to discuss overarching themes in

When asking for a raise doesn’t work

A common explanation for the gender wage gap is that “women just don’t ask.” But recent research dispels this theory. Controlling for those who ask for raises, men are 25 percent more likely to get a raise, according to a study by researchers at Cass Business School and the University of Warwick in the U.K.

What you missed in Negotiations class: insights from your professors

Stuart Diamond, author of NY Times bestseller Getting More, emeritus legal studies and business ethics professor: “It is not true that there are special negotiation tools just for women – the best negotiation tools are universal. Those tools include finding and valuing their perceptions, providing emotional payments, addressing cultural differences and ensuring there are fairness