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Photography by Jim GrahamG. Richard Shell 
Thomas Gerrity Professor; Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and Management

JD, University of Virginia, 1981; BA, Princeton University, 1971

Research Areas 
Negotiation, power and influence in organizations; the psychology of success; commercial arbitration; contracts; legal and political aspects of competitive strategy

Recent Consulting 
Negotiation and legal strategy advice for a variety of clients, including firms and individuals in the health care industry, financial services, high tech, family businesses, and investment banking; Designed and taught customized seminars in the United States and abroad for General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co., Morgan Stanley, Fannie Mae, Citibank, Starwood Capital Group, Christie's, the United Food and Commercial Workers of America, and the World Economic Forum

Current Projects 
Researching a book tentatively titled The Success Seminar: Defining and Achieving Success in Business and Everyday Life.(Photography by Jim Graham)

When asking for a raise doesn’t work

When asking for a raise doesn’t work

A common explanation for the gender wage gap is that “women just don’t ask.” But recent research dispels this theory. Controlling for those who ask for raises, men are 25 percent more likely to get a raise, according to a study by researchers at Cass Business School and the University of Warwick in the U.K.

What you missed in Negotiations class: insights from your professors

Stuart Diamond, author of NY Times bestseller Getting More, emeritus legal studies and business ethics professor: “It is not true that there are special negotiation tools just for women – the best negotiation tools are universal. Those tools include finding and valuing their perceptions, providing emotional payments, addressing cultural differences and ensuring there are fairness


Q&A: Gender in negotiations

Q&A with Dr. Bobbi Thomason, Senior Fellow and Negotiations Lecturer at the Wharton School. Thomason worked in consulting before pursuing her Ph.D and worked with clients on high-stakes negotiations. RK: Why should women in particular care about negotiation skills? BT: I think that everyone should care about negotiation skills, since we are all negotiating all

2Y Spotlight: Summer stories

After spending a year in the “Wharton bubble,” 2Ys put their learnings into test in the “real world.” The Wharton internship experience, like the student body, is quite diverse. Below is a snapshot of the summer experiences of five Wharton women who worked in industries ranging from technology to construction to auto. These are their


Fear and Loathing in JFK Airport

Running for your life is the most terrifying state of being you can ever experience.  Trust me, I know.   High off of successful summer internships, Amy Chen (WG’17) and I were in Terminal 1 of JFK International Airport on August 14, 2016, waiting to board our flight to Copenhagen.  Like many Wharton MBA students,

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Google, Laser Focus and Cold-Emailing Ben Horowitz Rap Lyrics: A Wharton Profile of Roger Chen, WG16

Many of you might not know who Roger Chen is, or would even recognize him if you saw him.  This is perhaps an unfortunate side effect of dedicating yourself to work, a project or an organization independent of the Wharton experience.  And yet, this fact, and the lack of public and consistent praise received from