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Representing Wharton at the 2016 World Government Summit

Representing Wharton at the 2016 World Government Summit

This year, our classmate, Ahmed Fikri, WG 16, co-organized a visit of MBA students from prestigious business schools like Wharton, Harvard, LBS and IESE to attend the World Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This trip was generously sponsored by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of

ROE: Why We’re Here

  “I interviewed an exceptional candidate who was openly gay. My colleague responded, ‘He’s not the type of athlete we’re looking for.’” “At my investment bank, colleagues questioned a Sikh candidate’s background. A coworker said, ‘We need to be careful about our image in front of clients.’ He didn’t get an interview.” “I grabbed a

MBACM Travels to Hong Kong and Beijing – What We Learned

Whether you’re seeking employment in the U.S. or abroad, MBACM is dedicated to supporting every student’s job search. Every year the MBACM team has travelled to a location to expand our knowledge of the global marketplace, as well as collect and distribute key information about industries and companies to students. In the past, we’ve travelled

5 Lessons Learned From New Zealand Coast To Coast Venture

Expect the unexpected. At Wharton, we are constantly inundating ourselves with information and data to prepare ourselves to make good decisions. However, information sessions, class readings, and Facebook stalking will not prepare you for the curveballs that life throws at you! Take for example, the weather on our Venture: when we ascended the first mountain

Cube26 CEO on the Opportunities and Challenges of Running a Startup in India

Saurav Kumar is the CEO of Cube26, an India based technology startup building smart services and products. Last week we sat down with the entrepreneur who came to speak at the Wharton Tech Conference about the challenges of running startup in emerging markets and the startup boom in India.   What is cube26 all about?

Q&A with the Winners of the Penn Design Challenge

What is the premise of the Penn Design Challenge and what was this year’s challenge? The Penn Design Challenge is a competition that brings together students across Wharton, Penn Design and Penn Engineering to apply design thinking toward real world problems. The Wharton Innovation & Design Club (ID) partnered with American Express and innovation accelerator

Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Kim

Why was the Wharton Social Impact Conference $95 and held on a Thursday?(1) Hear from Stephanie Kim, Associate Director of Community Strategy for the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, as she addresses the struggles with balancing altruism and business, inspiring Wharton students to owning their impact on the world, and her views on the “is a hot

Working towards an #OpenWharton

Last week, while sitting in New Jersey next to a shiny lake, witnessing the emergence of autumn leaves, having just completed my annual 30-minute meditation session, I began to reflect on what’s to come at Wharton these next few months. Whether you’re a 1Y who is now 1/8 into your Wharton experience after being smacked