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Meet Your Cluster Presidents

Meet Your Cluster Presidents

Earning trust and support from your classmates – especially when you’ve just met them 2 months ago – is definitely not an easy thing. Last week, the presidents of the four clusters were announced after a very competitive election. President of Cluster 1 is Abby Stewart, who grew up on the South-side of Chicago and

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Stay Calm, Lead On

The first year of business school flies by in a flurry of emotions—it’s altogether exhilarating, stressful, social, lonely, stimulating, and exhausting. You undergo a landslide of personal development during those ten months. And then, in the blink of an eye, you’re done with finals and moving on to summer internships. The lessons we learn both

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Brian Rikuda’s Guide to Success

One of a Kind Brian Rikuda is, to be perfectly literal, one of a kind. Half-Japanese, half-black. Stanford drop-out. Hip hop entrepreneur. Winner of BET’s Ultimate Hustler competition, Wharton MBA. Even his name, fashioned by his mother to be a kind of hybrid moniker—a combination of Riley (his father’s last name) and Ikeda (his mother’s)—has

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Leadership Through Resilience & Adaptability: Charles de Villaines WG ‘15

We all know our classmates at Wharton are exceptional, talented, and diverse in both thought and background.  It is a true gift, however, when a truly inspirational peer steps forward to share stories of moving determination and resilience.  In his Peer Perspectives on Leadership lecture this past Wednesday, Charles de Villaines addressed a packed classroom

The Value of a Leadership Venture

by Lauren Raouf (WG’15) With the CourseMatch deadline for the Leadership Ventures rapidly approaching – it closes at 5pm on Wednesday – I wanted to provide my (possibly biased, definitely personal) perspective on the value of the Ventures program for anyone wondering what the ventures can actually do for you. Full disclosure: I am a Venture

ALi Lapinsky

Leadership Through Respect: Alexandra Lapinsky WG ‘15

By Matt Deitch, WG ‘15 Cluster 4’s Ali Lapinsky spoke during April’s “Peer Perspectives on Leadership” discussion, with regards to finding the leader within. Taking the topic of conversation in a personal direction, Ali described the incredibly emotional and difficult journey of discovering that her mother had a terminal illness, and the five subsequent years