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Sails, dolphins, and a really big ocean: Why you should go sailing on the Tall Ships Venture

Sails, dolphins, and a really big ocean: Why you should go sailing on the Tall Ships Venture

By Saul Gorman, WG ‘16 New Zealand: a land of gorgeous beaches, Hobbit villages, and some of the best scuba diving in the world. The insanely beautiful landscape will, at the very least, get you some new followers on Instagram. So why get on a boat, sail into open ocean until there is no land in

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Leadership Through Resilience & Adaptability: Charles de Villaines WG ‘15

We all know our classmates at Wharton are exceptional, talented, and diverse in both thought and background.  It is a true gift, however, when a truly inspirational peer steps forward to share stories of moving determination and resilience.  In his Peer Perspectives on Leadership lecture this past Wednesday, Charles de Villaines addressed a packed classroom

The Value of a Leadership Venture

by Lauren Raouf (WG’15) With the CourseMatch deadline for the Leadership Ventures rapidly approaching – it closes at 5pm on Wednesday – I wanted to provide my (possibly biased, definitely personal) perspective on the value of the Ventures program for anyone wondering what the ventures can actually do for you. Full disclosure: I am a Venture

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Leadership Through Respect: Alexandra Lapinsky WG ‘15

By Matt Deitch, WG ‘15 Cluster 4’s Ali Lapinsky spoke during April’s “Peer Perspectives on Leadership” discussion, with regards to finding the leader within. Taking the topic of conversation in a personal direction, Ali described the incredibly emotional and difficult journey of discovering that her mother had a terminal illness, and the five subsequent years

Effective Marketing in Club Leadership

You took MKTG611. You thoroughly did not enjoy learning how to sell toothbrushes in India. You decided that you never wanted to touch marketing again. So you got yourself a banking internship for the summer and success! But if you are at all involved in extracurricular activities here at Wharton, then you never steered that

Cotopaxi: The Ultimate Test

I arrived to Quito for a Leadership Venture that promised to be mind-blowing. Our first test was hiking Pichincha, a 15,500 feet active stratovolcano that wraps around Quito’s easternmost area. We struggled. We walked for 7 hours and rock climbed through the famous “ventana de la muerte” (window of death – picture below). There was