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Not Rich Yet: Clyde Kelly(WG ‘18), Album Review

Not Rich Yet: Clyde Kelly(WG ‘18), Album Review

I met Clyde Kelly on the first day of pre-term, Wharton’s 3-week long orientation. He wore sneakers, tan shorts, and a white tee-shirt.  He was dressed for a beach day while the rest of his classmates were dressed like future corporate tycoons in their navy suits and mocha designer shoes. Just like my first impression



This is the first definition of “home” in Oxford dictionary: “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household”. Although, there were about 20-30 definitions with Home in different forms, as a verb, as an adjective, even as an adverb! So, if someone were to ask me where my

A Year After Q1 Salute

Q1 Salute It’s been a year since end of first year Q1. Last year this time, I remember a bunch of us walking on the bridge over Schuylkill River at the end of MGEC exam, to celebrate Q1 salute at Pub. The happy vibe moved from Huntsman to Armory that evening as all of first