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Super Bowl

The Best Super Bowl Ads

The Best Super Bowl Ads

With prices averaging $5 million for 30-seconds, plenty of national advertisers ponied up for the chance to connect with an audience that brings an otherwise elusive motivation to “engage” with commercials and brands. Given the stakes, most of the ads are the showpiece of much bigger, integrated campaigns. To win the Super Bowl, brands will


Q&A with the Winners of the Penn Design Challenge

What is the premise of the Penn Design Challenge and what was this year’s challenge? The Penn Design Challenge is a competition that brings together students across Wharton, Penn Design and Penn Engineering to apply design thinking toward real world problems. The Wharton Innovation & Design Club (ID) partnered with American Express and innovation accelerator


Going International? Here’s Some Recruiting Advice…

Every year MBA Career Management pounds the pavement and makes hundreds of phone calls and visits to companies collecting essential information for you about recruiting plans, candidate qualifications, industry trends, and expectations for the upcoming year.  We also put a significant focus on connecting with firms across the globe to source job opportunities and gain


Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Wharton Latin America Weekend

Top-10 “Reasons to Attend the Wharton Latin America Weekend A lesson in leadership from a Former President President of Bolivia, Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga will serve as a Keynote speaker and is looking forward to addressing participants on leadership and the challenges he has faced as not only President, but as the youngest Vice President in


10 Reasons to Attend The Whitney M. Young Jr. Conference

Don’t miss one of Wharton’s biggest conferences of the year: the 2015 Whitney M. Young Jr. Memorial Conference. Wharton’s African American MBA Association (AAMBAA) is once again celebrating the legacy of an incredible humanitarian and civil rights activist, Whitney M. Young Jr. with this year’s event, themed The New Black: Creating Impact in Business and


Keep Calm and Embrace On

Little dots of red, green, yellow, and orange blurred together, filling up my entire vision.  I saw the entire Pub crowd on the ceiling as I lay upside down on my back, held 3 feet off the ground.  I should have felt vulnerable, weak, and passive but only feelings of safety, comfort, and even a

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B School and Pregnant

I got married the same year I decided to apply for business school. Then, for job related reasons, my new husband and I had to spend 6 months living apart. Once we were finally reunited, we knew we did not want to wait to start our family. But there I was, with my dream business