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B School and Pregnant

I got married the same year I decided to apply for business school. Then, for job related reasons, my new husband and I had to spend 6 months living apart. Once we were finally reunited, we knew we did not want to wait to start our family. But there I was, with my dream business

Managing an MBA and Motherhood

“I’m applying for Wharton this year, I have a daughter… All my MBA friends are saying that it’ll be impossible…” Prospective students who are moms reach out to me with common concerns, even those with extremely impressive backgrounds and years of work experience already balancing careers with family. As a mom, it’s easy look at

Commuting Guidance for the Class of 2017

Looking outside, you realize its spring.  Oh wait, it’s winter.  Oh wait, it’s spring again. The volatile weather may be a champagne problem, but it has spurred me to think about the best ways to commute from Rittenhouse Square to Huntsman Hall.  Below is the list from worst to best methods to make that 1.4

From Beyond the Grave

To my soon departing 2nd years: hey there [seductive wink!]. To the first years who don’t know me: I’m a combination of the angel and devil sitting on your shoulders. I’m the encouraging voice inside your head when you really want to speak to a gal at the other end of the bar, but your

9 Reasons You Won’t Forget Japan Trek

Every year, the Japan Club plans a Spring Break trek showcasing the best of Japan—from sumo wrestling to sushi, from tea ceremonies to the Toyota factory. Here, a summary of nine unforgettable moments of the trip. Sumo We knew the trek would be amazing when we started out with an unbelievable stroke of luck. There

The Stupidest Thing One Could Do Ever In Life

By Varun Uttamchandani WG ‘15 “I live for the nights that I can’t remember, with the people that I won’t forget”—Aubrey “Drake” Graham And my, how incredible have these nights been. Ragey pregames. Learning Team meetings that turn into gossip fests and “Top 5” lists. Party bus trips to Delaware to watch the XX. Dancing