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Masculinity Under the Microscope

Masculinity Under the Microscope

For several years, the MBA Program Office and WWIB have been screening Miss Representation, Jennifer Siebel Newsome’s 2011 film exploring the portrayal of women in mainstream media. Until this year, with the active participation of the 22s and others, male attendance at the screenings has been sparse at best. So when upwards of 120 registered

So, What is the Armory, Anyway?

Classmates who moved from New York City are perhaps familiar with a few of the armories scattered about Manhattan and other boroughs, as these cavernous buildings are popular for hosting art exhibitions and various other conventions. Further, all pub-goers probably understand there is something “military” about the Armory, as evidenced by the Humvees the Bonner’s

Bull N Bear On Juno – Snow-paca-JOKE of 2015

I get a text from momma-Bear on Sunday night warning me of a huge storm… …So I go to Trader Joes and see this line…   …and I get into the store and there is nothing to buy… …And then I see this the morning after from my cave and happily go forage for some eats.  

Making Dollars and Sense out of the WGA’s $4 million Budget: The Business of Running the Top B-School Student Government

Since Alana, Ted, Jackie and I came into office last spring, we have focused on making sure that you are getting the most out of the (many, many) dollars you’re investing in clubs, conferences, and your Wharton experience.  As good b-school students know, money rules the world.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how the WGA

Semester in SF (SSF) 2014 – What the class had to say

  Single most memorable moment? “Coming home from dinner to hippie anarchists trashing downtown Oakland” – Lawrence Cole “Giants winning!” – Indranil Sarkar “The Man vs. Machine Race: Toby driving so slowly, that I was running faster than him” – Hernan Gerson “Too many to single out, but they all seem to end up at

WGA Prez: A Semester In Review

Your team here at the WGA is committed to bringing you an even better lineup for the Spring Semester.  Here’s a preview of what we are most excited about this Spring: WGA Ticket Reduction Fund:  We are committed to putting dollars back in your pockets.  We have set aside $10,000 to fund a discount on ticket

Stephen Dubner Explains How to Think Like a Freak

A recap of last week’s Authors@Wharton Speaker Series featuring award-winning author, journalist, and radio and TV personality Stephen Dubner   Check your junk mail folder.  The odds are good that there is a letter from someone claiming to be a Nigerian prince.  If you just send him a small amount of money, he will send

This Thanksgiving, We Are Grateful for Cool Classmates

We are writing this letter on behalf of the veterans of WG ‘16 to say thank you to our awesome classmates.  For readers unaware of what occurred, on the morning of November 12, every vet in the class of 2016 received an email that made their day. On behalf of his civilian peers, Andrew Checketts

The 2014 Wharton Marketing Conference: “Evolution in Marketing Excellence”

On November 7, 2014, the 11th Annual Wharton Marketing Conference took place at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. The Conference centered around how social media, smart phones and tablets, customer analytics, technological innovation, ecommerce and a changing retail landscape have changed the ways that marketers speak to customers, as well as how customers communicate with