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Purpose. Passion. Principles. The “P3” Program at Wharton

Purpose. Passion. Principles. The “P3” Program at Wharton

P3 is a unique leadership program developed at Wharton and is growing in popularity and strength. The feedback left us dumbfounded.  98% of participants would recommend P3 to a classmate.  One student wrote, “I was totally blown away by how meaningful the experience was and how close I feel to my P3 group.”  Another said

Why More Women Aren’t In Top Management!

Julie Coffman, Partner at Bain & Company, recently published Everyday moments of truth: Frontline managers are key to women’s career aspirations, researching why more women aren’t in top management positions. Although women and men enter the workforce with similar levels of aspiration and confidence, her study finds that, over time, women’s aspirations drop by more

Top 10 Volunteer Opportunities in Philadelphia

There are plenty of ways to have an impact right here in Philly. 1. PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) Can’t pass a puppy on the street without falling in love with it? Volunteer at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society and care for (and play with) rescued animals. 2. Philabundance Volunteer with the largest food bank

Meet First-Years In Social Impact

Sindhura Sarikonda WG’16 What did you do in the social impact space? I founded a nonprofit (Sanlaap North America) that rescues and shelters human trafficking victims and a retail social enterprise (Zesa) that educates and employs trafficking survivors. We have 164 girls living in our shelters and we’ve educated and employed approximately 1200 girls. What

Andre Agassi on Serving Aces for Education

Tennis’s most lethal service return. 60 tournament wins. 14 triumphs vs. Pete Sampras. 8 grand slam titles. 1 Olympic gold medal. In Andre Agassi’s mind, these accomplishments pale in comparison to what he has been able to accomplish in his second career as an advocate for, and investor in, best-in-class charter schools. In a rare


Do our Wharton classmates have the ‘X’ factor? No, we don’t mean recruiting prowess. Or Negotiation chops. Or “acing” MKTG 611. We mean talent…. REAL talent. That’s why we set out on a mission to find them, and we proudly present Wharton’s Got Talent, brought to you by the Wharton Inter Cultural Society (WICS). This

Want to make an impact!

Amaan Banwait from ‘One for the World’ talks about Peter Singer and an upcoming talk on philanthropy  Recently, in a press conference with Peter Singer, local publications including The Daily Pennsylvanian and Impact Magazine asked Singer questions such as “how can Penn students make an impact with so little money” and “how do I know if