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Campus Mourns Tragic Loss Of Zachary Woods WG ’16

Zachary Woods WG ’16 passed away on Tuesday following a car accident on 30th and Walnut St. In an effort to avoid the accident, Woods climbed a traffic pole which was ultimately struck by a car that thrust him and the pole 38 feet off of an elevated part of Walnut St. Woods had arrived

Wiliam Leavitt and Max Zarin Win Writing Challenge

The Wharton Communication Program is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013-14 Wharton Writing Challenge.               These students have achieved this distinction based on the ratings of peers and a review by a panel of professional judges through this competition.   Each has won a $500 cash prize,

Wharton’s Got Talent

Did you know that your fellow student Yuchen Jin (WG ‘14) is a master wordsmith when it comes to Chinese Bamboo Rap, of that Ryan Vass (WG ‘14) leads a funk band called The Vass Reference Experience? Showcasing these unique talents is the aim of “Wharton’s Got Talent,” being held this Wednesday, April 23rd at

People Analytics Conference: A First for Wharton

The inaugural People Analytics Conference (PAC) was held on March 28th and featured keynote speakers from Google, Goldman Sachs and the Philadelphia Eagles. The goal of the conference was to provide a clearinghouse for those working in people analytics or interested in doing so. Interest in this area has exploded in the previous years– in

Battle of the Bands

Now that you have witnessed the fighting prowess of your peers, are you ready to be serenaded? On Wednesday, April 16th, the 7th annual Wharton Battle of the Bands is taking place at the Theatre of Living Arts. This event is sponsored by the Wharton Marketing Club and has grown in popularity with 600 in

The WJ Board Vision

It’s that time of year when clubs transition leadership from the old guard to the new. Second year leaders who have worked tirelessly to keep their baby afloat cautiously hand over the torch to a questionable set of first years. Nowhere has this monumental effort been more apparent than at the Journal. We want to

No April Fool’s Joke: We’re Outta Here, Wharton!

By: Katy McCarthy, David Teetzen, Elliot De Santo, Chelsea L’Ecuyer and Alina Costica During last week’s regular Wharton Journal meeting: Katy: “Dudes, we have to write this article. Let’s just take five minutes, it’s not that big of a deal.” David: “I can’t do it, I’ll start crying, there are so few parties left!” Elliot:

Wharton Profs Write Playbook on Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook is a refreshing perspective on social entrepreneurship from the lens of acclaimed Wharton Professors Ian C. MacMillan and James D. Thompson. I had the opportunity to read the book and privilege to speak with the professors on the motivation behind the book. What I learned is that The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook