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US Open Trek

The Life of a Partner

People are always asking me what partners do while their spouse is at Wharton? Many assume life is easy. Before I answer this question, I think we need to classify partners at Wharton into three different categories: The Hop on and Hop off Nomads: These are the partners who work a few hours away from

Women Whatever-Featured

Women, Whatever

I was barefoot in the kitchen making a sandwich the other day with the television playing in the background, when I was shocked to hear the news that TWO women are running for president. What a circus. I knew this would happen once we gave women the right to vote. This women’s stuff is out

Real Men-Featured

Real Men Stand Up for Gender Equality

“A man and his son are in a terrible car crash, and the father is killed. The son is rushed to the emergency room, and the emergency room attending physician sees the boy and says I can’t treat him, that’s my son. How is this possible?” We’ll get to the answer later. WWIB Week is

How to Get Ahead-Featured

How Can Wharton Take the Lead?

I am a mother and proud member of Wharton’s Class of 2017. During my business school search, one of my top priorities was finding resources for women with children. After scouring the internet for information relevant to me as a future MBA mom, I was at a loss. What I found was sparse, outdated or


Fear the FOMO

FOMO is coming. They warned me. Perhaps not for five television seasons, but five months should have been sufficient. “I…actually joined 20 clubs” one SLF shyly admitted during Welcome Weekend. Preposterous! As I secretly snickered in ridicule, I now find myself looking at the check-out cart for WGA’s website. 16 student organizations. 9 conferences. …and

Stop Scalping Tickets, People!

  Red & Blue ball is sold out. White Party is sold out. Frankly, there will be plenty of other parties that will sell out as well.  If you desire to go to those events and do not possess a ticket, you should not be annoyed that you did not log on to Campus Groups