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Diversity Workshop Review

In this section, we take a small sampling of current 1Y MBA students’ personal views in reaction to this year’s Diversity Workshop. All of us in the Wharton community are here in part to learn from one another, and we recognize that perspectives may change over time. Our intent is for these pieces to launch

Why I Wore Black

Andre Ellis WG’18 I, like the majority of the black men in this country, believe that Terrence Crutcher or Keith Scott, could have easily been me or someone close to me.  Black people in this country are viewed differently and problematically and I operate with the understanding that my education, my job history and my

First Impression of Wharton

Right before moving into Philadelphia, I spent over one month to roam around the world. The trip was full of exciting things, but still a little bit demanding. I was psyched and relieved as well by ending up with arriving at Philadelphia – Hello, my final destination! Moving into Philadelphia meant a lot to me.

Make America final

Make Wharton Great Again

In 1972, our alma mater to-be made big moves and shortened its name from “The Wharton School of Finance and Commerce” to just “The Wharton School.” But we’ve carried the reputation for being a quant-heavy, finance school through the present, even without Donald Trump’s help. Recently though, Wharton has been trying to pivot from its


The MBA Less Traveled

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Words to live by, are they not? Never take the obvious path. Look for lesser known paths, paths trodden by only a few before. Hell, don’t even take a path – smash through


Like Father, Like Son

Growing up, I thought that I was famous. When I was three years old, my parents made a fake “Newsweek” magazine cover with me in the center dressed in an immaculate all-white suit and baby-blue tie. After seeing this cover, I immediately shared the good news with all of my friends, and they believed me.