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Make Wharton Great Again

Make Wharton Great Again

In 1972, our alma mater to-be made big moves and shortened its name from “The Wharton School of Finance and Commerce” to just “The Wharton School.” But we’ve carried the reputation for being a quant-heavy, finance school through the present, even without Donald Trump’s help. Recently though, Wharton has been trying to pivot from its

The MBA Less Traveled

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Words to live by, are they not? Never take the obvious path. Look for lesser known paths, paths trodden by only a few before. Hell, don’t even take a path – smash through

Like Father, Like Son

Growing up, I thought that I was famous. When I was three years old, my parents made a fake “Newsweek” magazine cover with me in the center dressed in an immaculate all-white suit and baby-blue tie. After seeing this cover, I immediately shared the good news with all of my friends, and they believed me.

Two Years, Two Takeaways Later

My wife and I had a son seven months ago. He’s got thunder thighs. Once he can talk, I bet he’ll want to know what we were up to in Philadelphia. I’ll tell him about Wharton: the great friends I made, the interesting things I learned, the cool experiences I had here. And I’ll tell

Success and Failure and Dating

Dating at Wharton isn’t something people talk about much—some generalized statements here and there lamenting the dearth of 1Y relationships, and that’s about it. But it’s a process to which many of us are familiar with personally—to varying degrees of success. So I’d like to compare it to something else we all know well—the process

Moving Forward from Volume 60, Number 21

Speaking Volumes When newspapers put out an edition, two numbers are kept alongside the date of publication for historic timekeeping. The first, volume, signifies how many years the publication has been in print. The second, number, indicates how many issues that specific volume published. Well, for the past year The Wharton Journal has been printed

One Thing Is Clear: Jane Xuejing Li Should be Student Graduation Speaker

Have you ever seen 200 bumblebees boo a referee into submission? We have. It was at a Cluster 3 dinner in the beginning of our first year. Amid the typically low-energy 90 second talks, one speaker stood out. Her name was Jane. She spoke with a natural charisma reminiscent of Cicero – if Cicero had