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An Interview with Mary Ellen Lamb on Advocating LGBT Issues

An Interview with Mary Ellen Lamb on Advocating LGBT Issues

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Maryellen Reilly Lamb, Deputy Vice Dean of MBACM and Admission, about being an advocate for LGBT issues.   In 2014, you attended ROMBA, the annual conference for LGBT MBA students. What did you take away from that experience?  Janet Mock, the keynote speaker, talked about how to


MBACM Travels to Hong Kong and Beijing – What We Learned

Whether you’re seeking employment in the U.S. or abroad, MBACM is dedicated to supporting every student’s job search. Every year the MBACM team has travelled to a location to expand our knowledge of the global marketplace, as well as collect and distribute key information about industries and companies to students. In the past, we’ve travelled

We Need More Time Alone

We need more time alone with our thoughts. This one’s been on my mind for a while. It started with something small – I found myself playing music off of my phone whenever I was bored. I realized I was using music as a way to fill the silence, to dull the restlessness I experienced

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15 Thoughts You Have While Doing FRP

During my time in consulting, I had to make many “customer journey maps.” These essentially outline the experience of a single person throughout an entire journey. I cannot think of a more entertaining and emotional journey than FRP, so I started to outline these thoughts people all share.   The private equity recruiter shows the