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Class Gift 2017 – Pay It Forward!

Class Gift 2017 – Pay It Forward!

Hello WG17! By now, you’ve hopefully seen the posters around campus asking you to donate to the 2017 Class Gift. If, like me, you’ve loved your time here at Wharton, then I would strongly encourage you to donate to The Wharton Fund through this year’s Class Gift.  What is The Wharton Fund? The Wharton Fund


5 Cool Things I Learned When Touring Philly Airport

Not many people get to go “behind the scenes” at a major US airport. Fewer people get a private tour from the largest airline at that airport. But that’s what 20 members of the Travel & Hospitality Club did last April, when we visited American Airlines’ team at PHL. 1. Having your own private TSA


First Take on Wharton

After reciting my terribly-canned “Andrew… New York… PE…” 30-second intro some five-hundred-odd times it’s easy to look back and see that many early interactions were just a slightly more professional version of the awkward middle school dance: everyone is nervous, there are only a few quick words exchanged, there’s a minimum distance apart, very little


Philadelphia’s Newest Temple

As early members of the Mormon church, my ancestors joined other converts seeking refuge from intense religious persecution, which in one instance included an order from the Governor of Missouri to “exterminate the Mormons.” After finding temporary refuge in religiously tolerant places such as Pennsylvania (thank you William Penn), these pioneers fled west looking for

karina and the pope

The Pope is Dope

“OMG! The Pope is coming to Philly!” *screams of excitement* That was my reaction when I found out about the Pope’s visit. Some of you totally understand my reaction but others think I am crazy. Well, maybe. The point here is that this visit is really, really, really (did I say really?) important to me.