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The Pope is Dope

The Pope is Dope

“OMG! The Pope is coming to Philly!” *screams of excitement* That was my reaction when I found out about the Pope’s visit. Some of you totally understand my reaction but others think I am crazy. Well, maybe. The point here is that this visit is really, really, really (did I say really?) important to me.

Devon Seafood Grill

Sandwiched between Rouge and Parc, on the eastern edge of Rittenhouse Square, Devon Seafood Grill often blends into Parc restaurant as it has the same tables and chairs on the sidewalk. Inside, Devon’s is an old-school seafood restaurant with the ambiance of traditional steakhouses, such as Butcher and Singer, and Del Frisco’s. The service at

NomNom Philly: Jamonera

Established as part of the Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran’s revitalization of the 13th and Chestnut Streets of Center City, Jamonera belongs to a family of impressive restaurants in the neighborhood including Wharton favorites Barbuzzo and Lolita. Walking into the restaurant, unlike Barbuzzo’s bustling atmosphere or Lolita’s festive feel, Jamonera has a distinct feeling of

Philadelphia’s Green Hour now at Time

Place: Time Whiskey Bar Address:  1315 Sansom Street Rating: 2.5 out of 4 Bottom line: The ideal choice for a few pre-dinner beverages or a boozy but low-key catch up. The absinthe is best enjoyed with a veteran drinking buddy or two. The venue can feel a bit hectic at times given the multiple rooms