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Manayunk Spotlight: The Goat’s Beard

Manayunk Spotlight: The Goat’s Beard

I’ve heard that when Wharton students want to go on a secret date (god forbid someone sees you playing footsie with that guy from your cohort at Pub & Kitchen), they go to Old City.  Well folks, I have a new suggestion for you: MANAYUNK. Founded many moons ago, the town’s name is derived from

Cocktail Review: Bar Emmanuelle

  Place: Bar Emmanuelle Address: Hancock and Germantown Avenue Rating: 3 out of 4 Bottom line: A well-crafted menu with fairly priced drinks ($10 – $15).The perfect place for some classy inebriation. A cozy yet compact lounge, Emmanuelle is best enjoyed with a smaller group.  We arrived at the corner of Hancock and Georgetown, but I

How to Get Your Fill of Spook

Yes, we are in business school – doing important things such as acing that MGEC final, managing to grab a room at Breckinridge and remembering to dress all spiffy for the EIS’s. But life is not complete without a little terror, so make sure you get yours this Halloween. Philadelphia presents an impressive array of

The Night at the Museum: Stay Classy, Wharton

At Wharton, we passionately believe that knowledge is the muscle of business. But as the 2012 -2013 academic year comes to a close, many of us are fondly adding a twist to our favorite mantra: “knowledge and community are the muscle of business.” This mantra came to life on a Wednesday evening in mid-March when

Digging the new Digs

The onset of Wharton’s spring ’13 semester has also marked the unveiling of the school’s new Student Life space located on the 8th floor of 2401 Walnut Street. The space officially debuted with an Open House for all First Year students on January 15th. The event, which was moreover a soft-launch…appropriately featuring non-alcoholic sparkling cider, brought many students together