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Ready to Rumble: Annual Philly Fight Night Tradition Continues This Weekend

Ready to Rumble: Annual Philly Fight Night Tradition Continues This Weekend

Rare is it to see two generally upstanding and sensible people step in front of over 1,700 people and commence pummeling the bejesus out of each other. Such is the joy of Philly Fight Night, the annual boxing extravaganza that pits the most tenacious fighters from Penn’s grad and undergrad schools against one another in

Who’s Peaking at the Right Time?

In sports, the teams that end up competing for a championship are often not the ones with the best record. They’re not the ones who were front-runners going into the season. No, championship teams are usually the ones who peak at the right time. Take the recent Super Bowl champion Giants for example. They barely

Basketball is back!

For some, January marks a new year; for others a new semester; but for Warriors, it marks the second half of a grueling season. Still, battling it out in Philly is not enough for a Wharton Warrior. So in addition to kicking off the part two of the Wharton Basketball League, we took our show

Meng-Less Verdugos Dethrone Harboughs

Mercury Morris and the 1972 Miami Dolphins popped the cork on their champagne Tuesday night, as the Fighting Harbaughs became the last undefeated team to fall, ensuring for now that the 1972 Dolphins will remain the only undefeated team in the history of the NFL or Wharton Basketball League.   Los Verdugos 37, Fighting Harbaughs

Wharthogs Grab 2nd Place at Annual UT Tournament

The Wharthogs men’s rugby team played valiantly this past weekend, beating teams from around the country to earn 2nd place in the UT Fall Brawl in a satisfying and yet frustrating end to the fall season.  The team showed great resilience in bouncing back from an early loss to Stanford to then defeat them in