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Innovation Stagnation or The Future Cometh?

The IT revolution of the last two decades has recast the fabric of American society, dramatically impacted nearly every other, and unleashed a torrent of entrepreneurship globally.  And yet, in a world fraught with challenges around education, healthcare, economic development, governance, natural resources, and the environment, the latest fruits of Silicon Valley are easier means


Professor Profiles: Kartik Hosanagar

Professor Profiles is a Wharton Journal series featuring unique stories and unknown facts about Wharton faculty.   Kartik Hosanagar is an associate professor of Information and Operations Management; his research focuses on various aspects of Internet commerce, including digital media and Internet marketing.   I step into Professor Hosanagar’s office as another student dashes out,


The Warby Parker of Jeans

Solomon Liou (WG’10) wants you to look tres chic with revolutionary online jeans brand Parke New York. The newest addition to the growing lineup of Wharton-founded startups looking to disrupt the online retail space through niche offerings, Parke New York combines cutting-edge technology, tasteful design and premium fabrics to shake up the world of denim.

West Fest Trekkies visit Hipmunk_

Title: West Fest 2012: All Roads Lead to the (California) Corner Office

After a few months of sub-par Mexican food in Philadelphia, a team of 30 First and Second Year Wharton students embarked on a cross-country trip to satiate their hunger for mission-style burritos in San Francisco and to meet with some of the hottest tech firms and start-up companies in the game.   West Fest, a