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An Interview with Michelle Hopping

Even in early October, the MBACM office is buzzing away. The lobby/waiting area reminds me of the 21 Bus that arrives at 17th and Walnut at 8:37AM – there isn’t an open seat to be found. Even though 1Y Recruiting hasn’t even begun in earnest, MBACM is already working with 1Ys and 2Ys to prepare

Opinion: Women in Entrepreneurship, a challenging reality

At Wharton, female entrepreneurs require a particular brand of courage and resilience to pursue independent ventures. While entrepreneurship is risky overall, women face particular challenges. This begins in the classroom, with professors who inadvertently use male pronouns when referring to hypothetical situations involving successful founders and investors: “The only time you’ll see a VC wear

Entrepreneur’s Corner: Real Talk from 5 Female Founders

You’ve seen these ladies pitching to audiences with conviction, directing teams with multi-color post-its, smiling from the pages of a beta-version website. But what challenges do entrepreneurs face when nurturing a seedling business as a full-time MBA student? Wharton women in five ventures open up about the not-so-glamorous side of start-up life and what it


Spring Break in Korea

Sungwoo Chung (WG 17, organizer) – “Leading a trek to a success” Based on my personal experience as a trek organizer this time, I learned that there are three key elements to make a trek successful. First is to build a well-balanced travel plan; e.g. being touristic vs. being local. ‘Korean BBQ’, ‘Karaoke’, and ‘Shopping