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Adam Grant

Come Original You Got to Come Original

Come Original You Got to Come Original

I come to praise Adam Grant, not to bury him. Sure – it would be easy to point out that a book titled “Originals” is actually unoriginal – more a conglomeration of interesting anecdotes, psychological principles, and business case studies then cohesive or unique work.  And of course, the fact that the very first lines


Spring Break in Korea

Sungwoo Chung (WG 17, organizer) – “Leading a trek to a success” Based on my personal experience as a trek organizer this time, I learned that there are three key elements to make a trek successful. First is to build a well-balanced travel plan; e.g. being touristic vs. being local. ‘Korean BBQ’, ‘Karaoke’, and ‘Shopping

Wharton Business Plan Competition: Semi-Finalists

Below are the 25 semi-finalists for the Wharton Business Plan Competition (presented in alphabetical order). Last year’s winner was Slidejoy, an Android app that pays users to view advertisements every time they unlock their smartphones. Bungalow Insurance Team Leader: Tom Austin WG’15 Team Member: Zack Stiefler WG’15 Bungalow Insurance is using technology and design to create an insurance experience

WGA Exec 15-16 WJ Photo

WGA Executives – Letter to Wharton

Hi! Hola! Olá! Zdrávstvujte! Sà-wàt-dee! Konnichiwa! Nǐ hǎo! Namaskār! We are your new WGA 2015-2016 Executive Board – Zach Kahn (Prez), Anirudh “AJ” Jangalapalli (Student Affairs), Katie Kilborn (Clubs & Conferences), and Jeannie Chen ($$$$). First off, thank you Wharton for your support! We are really excited to be taking the helm of the WGA

Love Life Tips for the Wharton Maximizer

By Geoff C, WG ’16 Now that you’ve landed your dream internship, do you want to start filling the gaping void that has been your love life for the last four months, but don’t know how to start? Or if you have ended FRP without your offer of choice, are you worried that the time

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Why Being a Partner is a Better Deal

  Before coming to Wharton, family and friends would approach me, asking “So, what is your wife, Aivi, going to do while you are in Philadelphia?” I would answer, “She will be studying an MBA, I am actually going as her partner.” After an awkward silence they would shoot a nervous smile and try to