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Patagonia Leadership Venture – Moving the Mountains

Patagonia Leadership Venture – Moving the Mountains

Under the starry starry Patagonian sky, We opened our eyes. We traveled in time; precious moments resided in our minds, Rivers shimmered under the moon, Sang a beautiful lullaby, telling the tales of the creative nature. Calm, Free, Clear, Riveting, That week, we walked a long way through roses and thorns. We fought against the

Three lessons I learned at Wharton    

“Let’s go.” “We can’t.” “Why not?” “We’re waiting for Godot.” ― Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot With my final days at Wharton counting down, I realized I’ve been living my MBA life in a play of “Waiting for Godot” – the fast pace immersed me in constant chaos and endless endeavours which left little time

Wharton: A Transformative Journey

As an international student from China, I was amazed by the level of inclusiveness and diversity in Wharton community. I was so scared at the start of this journey two years ago when I was about to start living in a new country for the first time in my life. I remembered the countless time

What Surprised me in Antarctica

Every day in Antarctica, I was surprised by those small moments. When we exchanged feedback to team members in every AAR (After-Action-Review) , when we shared our personal stories and laughed to death, when we crowded in the tent playing poker games, when we heard the guide singing his original song “I shxt alone” in

Wharton India Club’s 12-Day Trek

We did warn them. Look left, right, left again and pray before you stick your hand out to stop traffic. And then cross the road. This winter, Tushar Singla (WG ’18) and I had the opportunity to lead Wharton India Club’s largest ever India Trek. Organizing a trip for nearly 70 people across 5 states

Behind the Scene of Death

Death by Woody Allen, the much awaited annual spring play by Wharton Theater Troupe will be on stage Wednedsay April 19th. Beyond comic suspense and humor of this dark comedy, we would like to offer a sneak peak of the Death squad behind the curtain. Why did you decide to do the play? Jason Dresner

That’s a wrap!

This is it. We are one month away from graduation. 2 years have flown by very fast. Between travels, parties, small group dinners and oh yes, classes, it is easy to lose track. Track of what? Track of why we chose to do a MBA in the first place. We come in with specific and