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Philadelphia – will you be mine?

Philadelphia – will you be mine?

It feels like just yesterday my husband, Steve, received the phone call of acceptance to Wharton from a second year student, Andrew. I remember it so vividly because Steve’s voice on that day was filled with a nearly equal amount of pride and love to the voice he had on the day he proposed to


First Take on Wharton

After reciting my terribly-canned “Andrew… New York… PE…” 30-second intro some five-hundred-odd times it’s easy to look back and see that many early interactions were just a slightly more professional version of the awkward middle school dance: everyone is nervous, there are only a few quick words exchanged, there’s a minimum distance apart, very little


Philadelphia’s Newest Temple

As early members of the Mormon church, my ancestors joined other converts seeking refuge from intense religious persecution, which in one instance included an order from the Governor of Missouri to “exterminate the Mormons.” After finding temporary refuge in religiously tolerant places such as Pennsylvania (thank you William Penn), these pioneers fled west looking for

Las Vagas_Drais

Building Community at the Club: An Insider’s Recap of WAAAM’s 5th Annual Las Vegas Mixer

WAAAM (Wharton Association of Asian-American MBAs) may be known on campus as a club that hosts some great banquets – but its flagship event is the annual Las Vegas Inter-MBA Mixer event, where students from top MBA programs come together for a weekend-long networking & party experience in Las Vegas. Last year’s event included visits