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From Fiction to Family on Wharton Stage…

From Fiction to Family on Wharton Stage…

Fish in the dark was a success! I heard some people saying “It was so underrated as compared to other Wharton events but every penny worth it (full paisa-vasool as we say it in Hindi).” More than the audience appreciation which went beyond expectations, the personal treasure that I am taking out of this experience


Love Stories at Wharton – A Pleasant Surprise!

“Long distance relationships are difficult to survive”, I always told myself and the easy way out was to become “friends” with your partner. Well, after arriving at Wharton it was clear that my assumption was wrong. Wharton was a pleasant surprise for me because I witnessed the genuine effort people were putting into their relationships


What Wharton Thinks of Love (#sex) in 2016?

  The Wharton Journal Love (#sex) Survey 2016 was sent to about 1600 Wharton students via email and social media. The survey received 371 responses. Of those who responded to the survey, 52% were Male, 48% were female, and 0% identified as neither of those choices. About 59% of those who filled out the survey were


Meet Your New Editors!

Shilpi Pathak (WG’17), Editor-In-Chief Shilpi was born and raised in Mumbai, India. Growing up, she enjoyed writing poetry and short stories. Her favorite activity was journaling about the world and its workings. Her passion for writing led her to pursue writing for short films in a small production house in Mumbai. She was also responsible


The Wharthog Redemption – Wharton Learns the True Meaning of Rugby

By Eoghan Sheehy (WG’16, participant), Ben Peskoe (WG’16 participant), Ben Vinograd (JD/MBA‘18, Rugby President)   To the surprise of none, 50+ members of Wharton Men’s Rugby team found themselves in prison during a spring break trip to Argentina. Only 5 hours after arriving in the country, we were inside the walls of Unidad Penitenciaria N°


Spring Break in Korea

Sungwoo Chung (WG 17, organizer) – “Leading a trek to a success” Based on my personal experience as a trek organizer this time, I learned that there are three key elements to make a trek successful. First is to build a well-balanced travel plan; e.g. being touristic vs. being local. ‘Korean BBQ’, ‘Karaoke’, and ‘Shopping

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15 Thoughts You Have While Doing FRP

During my time in consulting, I had to make many “customer journey maps.” These essentially outline the experience of a single person throughout an entire journey. I cannot think of a more entertaining and emotional journey than FRP, so I started to outline these thoughts people all share.   The private equity recruiter shows the