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911’s Biggest Fears Taken on by Wharton Startup

911’s Biggest Fears Taken on by Wharton Startup

If I asked what the first word you learned to call as a child was, you would most likely say, “911.” That’s because from a very young age we’re taught that if something really hurts to call 911 and go to the emergency room (ER). This lesson is one that we haven’t forgotten. Each year,

Unconventional Wisdom

Synopsis: The Regional Seminar, a component of SSF, brings the knowledge of industry leaders and entrepreneurs to Wharton students – this article shares some of those insights. What is this Regional Seminar? It’s compulsory? And do we have to write reflections? The whining began as with any Wharton course we are involuntarily signed up to.

You have arrived in SFO

by Jon Yeow (WG’15) Getting off the plane this time, it felt different. This definitely wasn’t Philly. Instead, this place smelt of organic kale chips and was brimming with bright-eyed entrepreneurial optimism. San Francisco here I come. The Semester in San Francisco (SSF) program is a unique opportunity for full-time MBA students to spend their

Lyft Shows You How To Drive Your Startup

On Monday, September 9th, Logan Green and John Zimmer, the co-founders of Lyft, talked about their experiences of starting a company at Disrupt SF. Lyft is an on-demand ride-sharing service that started in San Francisco, and has expanded to Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago.   What was interesting about this presentation was that both Logan

30 Startups Enter…1 Leaves: The Startup Battlefield

Everyone enjoys a little healthy competition – especially your typical startup founder. And what makes competition more interesting is when two precious resources, cash and publicity, are on the line. As a result, the thing that made TechCrunch Disrupt, and its predecessor, TC50, unique relative to typically staid and predictable tech conferences was and continues

Title: West Fest 2012: All Roads Lead to the (California) Corner Office

After a few months of sub-par Mexican food in Philadelphia, a team of 30 First and Second Year Wharton students embarked on a cross-country trip to satiate their hunger for mission-style burritos in San Francisco and to meet with some of the hottest tech firms and start-up companies in the game.   West Fest, a

Hello From San Francisco!

Chirag Chotalia, WG’13, Mariya Nikiforova, WG’13, and Satya Tammareddy, WG’13   San Francisco is a place teeming with opportunity for the creative mind of a startup junkie and the analytical gears of a serial investor. For the Wharton MBA student participating in the exclusive San Francisco pilot, the program offers an incredible first look at what could