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Patagonia Leadership Venture – Moving the Mountains

Under the starry starry Patagonian sky, We opened our eyes. We traveled in time; precious moments resided in our minds, Rivers shimmered under the moon, Sang a beautiful lullaby, telling the tales of the creative nature. Calm, Free, Clear, Riveting, That week, we walked a long way through roses and thorns. We fought against the

Three lessons I learned at Wharton    

“Let’s go.” “We can’t.” “Why not?” “We’re waiting for Godot.” ― Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot With my final days at Wharton counting down, I realized I’ve been living my MBA life in a play of “Waiting for Godot” – the fast pace immersed me in constant chaos and endless endeavours which left little time

Wharton: A Transformative Journey

As an international student from China, I was amazed by the level of inclusiveness and diversity in Wharton community. I was so scared at the start of this journey two years ago when I was about to start living in a new country for the first time in my life. I remembered the countless time

Wharton’s Rugby Team Goes to Prison

I joined the Wharton Rugby Football Club (“WRFC,” or the “Wharthogs”) knowing full well that every game would make my body hurt. I never expected that rugby would make my heart ache just as badly, but one experience over Spring Break did just that. WRFC spent our break on tour in Argentina. For the final

911’s Biggest Fears Taken on by Wharton Startup

If I asked what the first word you learned to call as a child was, you would most likely say, “911.” That’s because from a very young age we’re taught that if something really hurts to call 911 and go to the emergency room (ER). This lesson is one that we haven’t forgotten. Each year,

Sustainable Orthopaedic Care in Tanzania

A team of Wharton first-years from MBA student group Wharton Global Health Volunteers traveled to Tanzania over winter break. Team members included Matthew Gorski, Christy Hong, Lisa Kapp, Michele Rudolph, Erica Swanson, and Eric Walter. We worked on the business plan for a proposed Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in

From Fonty to Philly

I see the INSEAD – Wharton Alliance as a valuable way of joining strong resources, experiences and networking, allowing MBA students to benefit from a global perspective based on references for business education. Having started my MBA program at either school I knew beforehand I wanted to pursue this opportunity. After spending a quarter in

Why I Launched StartU

You can’t spend more than a few days at Wharton without hearing the story of Warby Parker. First, at Welcome Weekend; then in your Marketing 611 class with Barbara Kahn or Jonah Berger; and finally, in just about any elective you take on entrepreneurship, operations, or marketing during your time at Wharton. And, of course,

This Wharton Entrepreneur’s Startup Will Disrupt the U.S. Real Estate Industry

Steignet, founded by A.J. Steigman (WG’18), will be an arbitrage platform for the residential real estate market.   He is developing proprietary technology to identify undervalued and mispriced assets throughout the U.S. Using machine learning and decision engines, Steignet will generate superior alpha for its real estate investors & partners. —————————————————– A lot of my friends asked me