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An American in Buenos Aires: My immigrant story

The best thing I have ever done with my life was to leave a relatively comfortable life behind as a consultant in Atlanta and move to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I spent over a year and a half living and working before starting my journey at Wharton and Lauder in May of 2015. It was

MBACM Including Every Student in the US Job Search

In the MBACM office we want to help every student achieve their long and short-term career goals. As is the Wharton way, we always start by looking closely at data to understand different groups and macro trends. At the same time, we work with every student individually. Let me share how we implement this two

Reflections of an International Entrepreneur in the US

After accepting the proposal to write this reflection, I forced myself to write down the first thing that would come to my mind from my entrepreneurial experience in the US. The answer was failure. I have failed at building a supportive network of Wharton entrepreneurs around me. The fact that my business (JuntoSalimos) is very

Recruitinomics: Get Rich While Getting a Job

Recruiting season has kicked into gear for 1Ys. To the uninitiated, this might elicit feelings of anxiety, TBD. But, to the shrewd investor, recruiting should be synonymous with one thing – money. Wharton’s annual 850-person scramble for 30 jobs from 3 consulting firms radically shifts students’ purchasing habits over a 6-month period. While others are


He Said She Said – Starting a New Life in the US

HE SAID The first thing that attracted me to her was her smile. Daniela has the superpower of making anyone feel warm inside just with her genuine and open-hearted kindness. On our first date I was nervous about dancing. On our first date we went out for sushi and later on to a dance club,


Down-Ballot Issues for new PA voters

At this point you’re either firmly With Her or looking to Make America Great Again. This is not an article about the Presidential election, but rather the many other down-ballot contests voters will see in the booths next week. So while you may be ready to elect our nation’s first female or the Wharton school’s

The “Model Minority” Speaks Out: An Open Letter from the Asian and Asian American Community

Dear Wharton, We were disappointed to hear that Peter Linneman, Emeritus Professor of Real Estate at Wharton, recently made discriminatory remarks about Chinese men at a public real estate conference in New York (see WSJ article). At Wharton, we understand that discrimination against any member of our community is an affront to all members of


10 things discussed in the Dean Town Hall

   The Dean Town Hall, hosted by the WGA and the Wharton Journal, took place last Monday, Oct 17th for 90 minutes in 2401. Moderated by Abby Stewart, the President of the WGA, and Jeff Jose, the Digital Editor of the Wharton Journal, Dean Geoffery Garrett and Dean Howie Kaufold talked about various topics including

The Spirit of Wharton

Halloween season always reminds me of Arnie. Like all Wharton students, Arnie pushed the boundaries of the extraordinary. But to call Arnie a student would miss most of the story; Arnie, you see, was a ghost. You might wonder how a ghost wound up at Wharton. Arnie first haunted the halls of Huntsman around 2012


Making Personal Finance “Common Cents”

During Winter Welcome Weekend, a fellow admit broached an interesting question. What, if anything, could be a “silver lining” to his student loans? As a few of us began to debate the question, we rapidly realized that we were struggling to find a great answer. After leaving Philadelphia, I not only carried a wonderful set