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How to Get the Most Out of Welcome Weekend

How to Get the Most Out of Welcome Weekend

Dear future Wharton Class of 2018 MBA candidates, Congratulations! If you are reading this, it is because you are an impressive, committed, and ambitious professional who is excited about coming to Wharton in August. (That, or you’ve hacked into a WG18 admit’s email account. Well done, we should talk!) As many of us at Wharton

10 Things We Learned at the Dean Garrett Town Hall

On November 30, 2015, Return on Equality and WGA hosted the first ever town hall event between Dean Geoffrey Garrett and the MBA student body. Approximately 100 students came this open forum to listen and ask questions covering everything from diversity to Follies to adjusting to the job. Here, 10 things we learned about our

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Wharton Latin America Weekend

Top-10 “Reasons to Attend the Wharton Latin America Weekend A lesson in leadership from a Former President President of Bolivia, Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga will serve as a Keynote speaker and is looking forward to addressing participants on leadership and the challenges he has faced as not only President, but as the youngest Vice President in

How much did we learn?

It’s been a quarter at Wharton, and among all the people we have gotten to know, the ones we have spent a substantial amount of time with are members of our learning team. Trying to understanding the experience of learning teams, beyond my own, I interviewed members of a learning team from Cohort D to

10 Reasons to Attend The Whitney M. Young Jr. Conference

Don’t miss one of Wharton’s biggest conferences of the year: the 2015 Whitney M. Young Jr. Memorial Conference. Wharton’s African American MBA Association (AAMBAA) is once again celebrating the legacy of an incredible humanitarian and civil rights activist, Whitney M. Young Jr. with this year’s event, themed The New Black: Creating Impact in Business and

The Life of a Partner

People are always asking me what partners do while their spouse is at Wharton? Many assume life is easy. Before I answer this question, I think we need to classify partners at Wharton into three different categories: The Hop on and Hop off Nomads: These are the partners who work a few hours away from

Real Talk with Rent the Runway

It’s no surprise that women continue to lag behind men in the startup community. Few women join startups and even fewer found their own companies. Yet Rent the Runway—one of most successful ventures largely run by women—has proved that women can make a mark in the retail/tech industry. Beth Kaplan, COO of Rent the Runway,

Top 10 Lessons We’ve Learned About Recruiting

RelishMBA (www.relishmba.com) is a digital recruiting platform that just launched at Wharton this year. We help top graduate business school students streamline their on- and off-campus recruiting processes and find relevant company and networking information for top MBA employers. If you think the MBA recruiting process is frustrating or inefficient or time-consuming, we’re here to