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Welcome to Wharton!

Welcome to Wharton!

Dear future Wharton Class of 2017 MBA candidates, Congratulations! If you are reading this, it is because you are an impressive, committed, and ambitious professional who is excited about coming to Wharton in August. (That, or you’ve hacked into a WG’17 admits’ email account. Well done, we should talk!) As many of us at Wharton


Top 7 Reasons Not To Miss Diversity Week

  Wharton’s inaugural Diversity Week hopes to demonstrate how diversity is not only about gender, color and sexual orientation. We expect that this brave and progressive step will help us all explore our own horizons in the understanding of Diversity and Inclusion. Here are our top 7 reasons why you should actively participate in Diversity

WJ Leadership Team - Joined

The WJ Board Vision

As Uncle Ben once wisely said to Peter Parker: “with great power comes great responsibility.” And as The Leaders of the Free Press (aka the incoming editor-in-chiefs of The Wharton Journal), we’re pretty darn powerful. Okay, we kid. But there is something both exciting and anxiety-inducing about taking the reigns of Wharton’s newspaper. After all,

WGA Exec 15-16 WJ Photo

WGA Executives – Letter to Wharton

Hi! Hola! Olá! Zdrávstvujte! Sà-wàt-dee! Konnichiwa! Nǐ hǎo! Namaskār! We are your new WGA 2015-2016 Executive Board – Zach Kahn (Prez), Anirudh “AJ” Jangalapalli (Student Affairs), Katie Kilborn (Clubs & Conferences), and Jeannie Chen ($$$$). First off, thank you Wharton for your support! We are really excited to be taking the helm of the WGA


Welcome to Wharton!

Dear WG17 Admits, Congratulations!  Welcome to Wharton.  Expect to hear that approximately 18,952,299 more times.  Before you leave campus. Every year, the student body presidents of the top seven MBA programs in the country gather together for our annual Peer Schools Forum.  At the end of the weekend, each one of us was excited to


Andre Agassi on Serving Aces for Education

Tennis’s most lethal service return. 60 tournament wins. 14 triumphs vs. Pete Sampras. 8 grand slam titles. 1 Olympic gold medal. In Andre Agassi’s mind, these accomplishments pale in comparison to what he has been able to accomplish in his second career as an advocate for, and investor in, best-in-class charter schools. In a rare

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Top 10 Reasons To Go To The 80s Party

Hands down, the 80s were America’s glory years. Hair was big, and shoulder pads were even bigger. Plus, the 80s brought us such karaoke classics as “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Livin’ On a Prayer.” So it’s a no brainer that the Media and Entertainment Club’s annual 80s Party has always a blast and