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HAIL TO THE CHIEFS: Meet Your Cluster Presidents!

HAIL TO THE CHIEFS: Meet Your Cluster Presidents!

by Matt Mcguire (WG’16)   AJ Jangalapalli (C1) Cluster Olympic Sport: An entirely-too-enthusiastic game of Trivial Pursuit. Cluster Vision: Clear Eyes.  Full Hearts.  Can’t Lose. Hometown/Undergrad/Major/Industry: Paoli, PA / Dartmouth / Economics & Art History / Private Equity Liquor at Pub: Absolutely, yes.  Because liquor is objectively better than beer or wine.  It’s a fact.

A new year brings new Cluster leadership

by Jackie Wong WG’15   No doubt you have seen my emails, especially if you are a first-year. September was the month of Cluster Council elections for the Class of 2016. Voter turnout for Cluster Presidents and Cluster Council was unprecedented at 86% and 74%, respectively. The 26-person Councils that were announced last week are already

You have arrived in SFO

by Jon Yeow (WG’15) Getting off the plane this time, it felt different. This definitely wasn’t Philly. Instead, this place smelt of organic kale chips and was brimming with bright-eyed entrepreneurial optimism. San Francisco here I come. The Semester in San Francisco (SSF) program is a unique opportunity for full-time MBA students to spend their

Wharton’s Got Talent

Did you know that your fellow student Yuchen Jin (WG ‘14) is a master wordsmith when it comes to Chinese Bamboo Rap, of that Ryan Vass (WG ‘14) leads a funk band called The Vass Reference Experience? Showcasing these unique talents is the aim of “Wharton’s Got Talent,” being held this Wednesday, April 23rd at

The WJ Board Vision

It’s that time of year when clubs transition leadership from the old guard to the new. Second year leaders who have worked tirelessly to keep their baby afloat cautiously hand over the torch to a questionable set of first years. Nowhere has this monumental effort been more apparent than at the Journal. We want to