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Wharton’s Got Talent

Wharton’s Got Talent

Did you know that your fellow student Yuchen Jin (WG ‘14) is a master wordsmith when it comes to Chinese Bamboo Rap, of that Ryan Vass (WG ‘14) leads a funk band called The Vass Reference Experience? Showcasing these unique talents is the aim of “Wharton’s Got Talent,” being held this Wednesday, April 23rd at

Summer Beer Styles and Picks

Going to a bar in the summer to order a beer used to be an easy task.  Order a Corona or Sam’s Summer and call it a day.  But now fancy terms like “Saison” and “Hefeweizen” are put in front of you making the choices more daunting but also more delicious.  Below is a quick

Vets Club Visits Ground Zero

On September 11, 2001 I was in the middle of a pre-flight briefing in USAF pilot training when the terrorist attacks of that day unfolded. As the nation recoiled in the days that followed, the two main questions that loomed were: what would we do to the people responsible and how would we rebuild. Over

Adventures in Cape Town – Start and end with a braai

Location: Cape Town, a city at the southern tip of Africa, facing the Atlantic Ocean Reason: GMC (kinda) Weather: 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny all day long   Braai – The Afrikaans word for grill. Similar to a barbecue, a social meeting with grilled meat and alcoholic beverages.   It took countless Oscar-nominated movies, completing

Wharton Dance Studio 2014 Presents: Just Dance!

It’s that time of the year again when you get the opportunity witness to the passion, enthusiasm and the hard work of over 350 of your classmates at one of Wharton’s most anticipated events – the Wharton Dance Studio annual spring show, Just Dance! Wharton Dance Studio is a co-ed, diverse social club that takes

Looking Behind The Scenes of The Follies’ “The Book Of Wharton”

Production budget: $125,000; Man hours: Thousands; Cast and Crew: ~80 Whartonites; Embarrassing Moments Captured About Wharton MBAs: TBD. The curtain for the 38th production of the Wharton Follies: “The Book of Wharton” will finally be raised on February 27th to reveal the widely anticipated Follies show. While we have our fingers crossed, praying that the