A Message from the Editor-in-Chief

I’m thrilled to be taking over as the Editor-in-Chief of The Wharton Journal.  We spent the better part of this past year recovering the journal after our computer database was corrupted.  Now, we’re ready to re-launch to celebrate the Class of 2019’s graduation. I intend for this year’s paper to accomplish three things: publicize student accomplishments, highlight Wharton events, and foster thoughtful dialogue within the community.  

Wharton students do some incredible things, from launching startups to spearheading charitable efforts to winning athletic competitions.  These efforts need to be recognized, and we at the journal aim to do so. The school is a vibrant place to spend two years full of social and academic events as well as trips throughout the world.  We want to let the community know about all the things its students are doing. Finally, Wharton students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The journal would like to hear the voices and perspectives of students through thoughtful opinion pieces.

My path to Wharton was far from standard, and it took me on a journey around the globe where I met people from numerous walks of life.  My time here has been a continuation of this experience as I have come to know people with such diverse backgrounds. The one thing that has struck me is that every person I have met has a unique and valuable story to tell.  The journal is here so you can tell yours.

About Alexander Emmert, WG'20

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