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Two years ago, I was finishing my residency in emergency medicine at Stanford. During my two years of residency, patient volumes surged.  Our hospital was so overcrowded that I was forced to treat patients in tents outside the emergency department. That experience was a lightbulb moment for me. I wanted to help patients on a broader scale than I could as a single physician. I wanted to tackle systems-level challenges, which is what started me on my journey to The Wharton School of Business.

As graduation approaches, I reflect on the past two years that I’ve spent at Wharton. They have been the most developmental years of my life.  I came to business school to learn what I wanted to be, but I have also reflected on who I want to be. Over the past two years, I experienced remarkable personal and leadership development at Wharton. I had the opportunity to become a Leadership Fellow and a facilitator of P3, which stands for Passion, Purpose and Principles.  As a Leadership Fellow and P3 facilitator, I was continually astounded by my classmates’ willingness to be authentic and vulnerable as they reflected on their shortcomings, hopes, and dreams. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for their openness and transparency. I’ve realized that many traits of great leaders, traits like effective communication, active listening, authenticity, and passion, also make you a happier person.

Over time, I’ve realized that my long-term career goal is to bring the best parts of business school to medicine.  I want to equip physicians with the leadership skills to address the biggest problems in healthcare, whether they are operational or interpersonal.  I hope that I can help my colleagues develop into stronger, happier people by sharing leadership lessons and facilitating discussions around personal development.  My dream would be to integrate Wharton-inspired lectures into the mandatory medical school curriculum and train the next generation of physician leaders.

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