Welcome from the WGA President

Class of 2021,

Welcome to Wharton!

It’s a refrain you’ll hear several times a day, every day, for the next month – and every single person will mean it. We are truly so thrilled you’re here.

I’m excited to welcome you as the 2019-20 WGA President. The Wharton Graduate Association (WGA) exists for you. We are a non-profit organization that oversees all Wharton student clubs and conferences; hosts school-wide events and programming; and advocates for student interests to administration. You’ll see our name on everything from Halloween and Winter Formal to Iron Professor and more. The WGA calendar for this year is on its way to you now!

As much as I’m looking forward to this year’s events (Top Golf, anyone?), what excites me most about the WGA is our mission: to represent the student body, improve our Wharton experience, and build an inclusive MBA community.

This community – the one you are now a part of – is incredible. It’s vibrant, diverse, and energizing. It’s a community that will support you, challenge you, and force you to grow not just as a professional, but also as a human being. This community is exactly why I joined WGA in the first place.

After all, I had no plans to join student government when I arrived here. In my laundry list of activities I wanted to try, WGA was nowhere to be found. But after meeting people and learning about their ideas and passions, I realized that what I really wanted was to channel our student body’s energy into lasting, positive change for the community. Ultimately, that’s what the WGA does.

As you embark on the MBA journey, you’ll encounter a million different choices on how to spend your time. Just remember: there is no one right way to navigate the next two years of your life. You will curate your own unique Wharton experience, and it will be just right for you.

To wrap up, I wanted to leave you with a few pieces of advice from the smartest people I know – my WGA executive team. Here are their learnings from the past year:

“Be patient with yourself. Something at Wharton will be hard for you – for everyone. Give yourself the grace necessary to make this transition.” – Ben Onukwube, EVP of Student Leadership & Engagement

“Your most valuable resource at business school is time – knowing where to allocate it and why. This is the best way to maximize your business school experience.” – Sergio Giralt, Chief Financial Officer 

“Be authentic, put yourself out there, and try new things. You’ll undoubtedly be met with the amazing support of the Wharton community.” – Macie Whatley, EVP of Student Affairs

Thank you for choosing Wharton, thank you for giving us your time and talents, and thank you for leaving your own mark on this community.

We are so excited to meet you. Welcome home.


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