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Sadia Dhorat (WG’20) and I (Anush Vinod – WG’20) are co-hosting the #OurWharton podcast this year! We’re excited to continue Nicolette Omoile Gangitano’s (WG’19) important work in creating a space for Wharton students whose extraordinary life experiences and passionate visions for the world go unheard.

Her founding vision left an indelible mark on us, and we believe the podcast can leave an imprint on so many others at Wharton. It represents an extension of what our school aspires to tirelessly achieve: an environment of inclusion and openness, a playground to challenge one another with tough conversations on the affairs of the day. It’s an opportunity to highlight our greatest assets ~ our people ~ the students, their families, our professors, alumni, admin and staff that make up our collective Wharton family.

We have some incredible content planned for the year: interactive discussions ranging from career-oriented topics like “the power of entrepreneurship”, “alternative leadership paths” to politically-minded ones that review the state of affairs in Latin America. We’ve also proud of the episodes we’ve recorded so far, including one of our favorites: an interview with Pro Nurmohamed on power and politics in organizations (and how he feels about Kanye!)

Sadia and I hope the podcast can:


  1. Shed light on valuable resources for 1Ys (and 2Ys!) to leverage early on
  2. Offer the podcast as a valuable and convenient resource to help 1Ys settle
  3. Create a platform for 1Ys to share their own unique stories and experiences with the school as early as they feel comfortable.


So, here are our calls to action. Let us know…

– …if you’d like to be interviewed for the podcast, to share your unique history or perspective on one of our topics

– …if you’d like to help out with the podcast, in terms of marketing, managing the social media page, helping us record / edit the podcasts and curate content

– …if you have discussion topics / ideas or people (admin, students, profs) you think would be worthwhile interviewing

We’re really excited to deliver great content this year and hope we can use this platform to encourage challenging, and fun conversations!


Sadia Dhorat (WG’20): sdhorat@wharton.upenn.edu

Anush Vinod (WG’20): avinod@wharton.upenn.edu

Instagram: @ourwharton_podcast


Nurmo Episodehttps://soundcloud.com/user-45977264


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