Five Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on the Wharton Human Capital Club

Five Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on the Wharton Human Capital Club

Last Updated: July 28, 2019

The Wharton Human Capital Club (WHCC) is excited to kick off yet another year of discussions, workshops, and events focused on every organization’s most important asset: its people. So, if you’re a person who plans to work with people, or a person who is interested in learning more about the field, this club is for you! In fact, here are a few reasons why we think you can’t afford to miss out on joining WHCC this year.

  1. It’s free to join!

The Wharton Human Capital Club is one of the few clubs that won’t cost you a dime to join.

When this club was first created in 2017, its founding members maintained the need to keep the resources, events, and experiences it offered open and accessible to all Wharton students. As such, we invite you to become a member of our community! Membership gives you access to a large network of “people people,” (i.e. people who are passionate about and interested in becoming better people managers, leaders, and teammates) as well as a growing number of  resources.

  1. You might have more interest in human capital than you think! 

“Human capital” is a term used to refer to all business activities and initiatives related to the people in an organization. This includes topics such as: people analytics, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, performance management, learning and professional development, compensation and benefits, leadership, and organizational design.

In short, human capital is relevant to a diverse group of stakeholders. Whether you’re an entrepreneur building out a new team, a business school student seeking a better way to provide feedback to a colleague, or a club leader trying to think of the best way to recruit new board members, this human capital club has something for you.

  1. We have a great lineup of speakers, events with other clubs, and dinners planned

Last year, we hosted various events and dinners. We welcomed Chief Human Resources Officers for discussions with professors, facilitated panels with entrepreneurs seeking to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning in their people operations. We hosted dinners with consultants working on human capital cases and with alumni passionate about diversity and inclusion.

This year, we plan to increase the number and quality of those engagements in order to make the club even more of a community and resource than it’s been in the past. We would love to have you join in on the fun!


  1. We’re always thinking about new ways to help you grow your leadership and team management skills. 

This is a space that’s growing for us because we know everyone can benefit from further developing their leadership and team management skills. In partnership with other clubs, we hope to expand our club offerings through workshops, conferences, and other opportunities to grow your skills. Have ideas? We welcome them! In fact, if you’d like to get hands on experience, consider joining our 1Y board! More details coming soon.

  1. Interested in recruiting for human capital roles? We’ve got you covered. 

We have an energized careers team, ready to help make your professional human capital dreams come true. In fact, our VPs of Careers, Timka Lockheart and Kate Goldenberg, have been working all summer to make sure we have a full roster of employers and alumni to connect with and leverage throughout the year.

Additionally, we partner with Wharton’s MBA Career Management Office to make sure our members get up-to-date lists of human capital roles (internship and full time), as well as the interview prep and moral support they need to be successful through the recruitment process.

Do you think you still might have questions? Don’t worry! Our entire 2Y board has had experience working in human capital and we’re all willing to chat with anyone who may be curious about the work we’ve engaged in. Read more about the type of projects the 2Y board worked on during their summer internships below.

By now we hope it’s clear that you can’t afford to miss out on The Wharton Human Capital Club. However, if you still need convincing or if you just want to learn more about how to get involved, come find us at Club Pub on September 5th and/or join us for free on CampusGroups! 

Meet the 2Y board and learn about our summer internships! 

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you’re interested in learning more about our summer internships, our experience recruiting for human capital roles, or about the club in general!

Name & Role: Natalia Villarman, President

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Summer Internship: This summer I was a Human Capital Summer Associate at Deloitte Consulting. My project focused on creating a learning and development digital platform used to upskill professionals working in human resources as they strive to be more strategic and responsive in their roles.

Name: Kate Goldenberg, VP of Careers

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Summer Internship: This summer I was a Workplace Analytics MBA Intern at Microsoft. My project focused on quantifying collaboration practices, workload, networks, and manager behavior and correlating results with performance data to identify patterns and to develop a targeted set of value-oriented interventions to enhance manager performance.

Name: Timka Lockheart, VP of Careers

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA

Summer Internship: This summer I was an HR MBA Manager Intern at American Express. My project focused on exploring benefits offerings related to student loan debt. I sought to answer the question: “How can American Express create a sustainable rollout of projects helping all generations of its employee base with issues related to student loans?”

Name: Olivia Moore, VP of Community

Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma

Summer Internship: This summer I was a Summer Associate at McKinsey & Company on their People Analytics team. My project focused on creating a digital platform that will make large organizational transformations a more personalized experience for employees.

About Natalia Villarman, Olivia Moore, Timka Lockheart, and Kate Goldenberg WGs'20

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