On-demand Sports

Wharton people are busy people. When we look at our double and triple booked calendars, with all those EIS, networking dinners, and small group dinners, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Often, the first things that go are the “lower priority” ones: sports and recreation. Activities that are essential for our mental and physical health.

Playing regular sports as an adult can be mentally effortless and exhilarating. Of those adults who play sports, more than half reported in a Harvard study that it has reduced their stress (58%), improved their mental health (54%), or improved their physical health (51%).

A Harvard study found that three in four adults played sports when they were younger, but only one in four still play. Another research shows that around the age of 26, an average adult stops playing most active sports.

Alas, when you finally have breathing room, you are so exhausted that you default to going to Pottruck, or if you are lucky, the gym in your building. You can barely remember the excitement during Club Pub: when you told yourself you would engage in stretch experiences and signed up for three sport clubs. Three months in and that fancy tennis racket that you were going to “use every weekend” has been accumulating dust. But what if you could play your favorite sport on demand? What if when suddenly that networking dinner or that team meeting gets cancelled, you felt an itch to play your sport?

Nirupam Anand WG’20 & I re-imagined adult sports at Seamless Sports. We match people with similar sports interests, playing levels, availability, and location to create an on-demand sports experience. You simply choose your location and sport, and when you are free. We work in the background to find you other players and book a facility (e.g. a tennis court) near you.

And who knows, maybe you will have your stretch experience after all.

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