For the HUMANkind

In January 2020, Natalie Miller, a first-year MBA student at Wharton, arranged the Wharton Health Care Club Blood Drive, the first blood donation camp arranged by an MBA student at Wharton, in association with the American Red Cross, and we interviewed her about the experience

1. Why was the Blood Drive important to you?

Amidst all the craziness in our busy lives, it is easy to take our health for granted. For patients who sadly are sick, I want to help ensure that lifesaving blood is available for those who need it–friends, relatives, and strangers alike.
2. We know that you have organized such Blood Drives prior to Wharton. Was the Wharton Blood Drive different from the others? If so, how?
I had participated in many blood drives in the past as a blood donor, but January’s Wharton Health Care Club blood drive was the first drive that I organized myself. With the large, convenient space we have at 2401 Walnut Street, I thought that hosting a blood drive there would be a great way for the MBA community to give back.
3. Were there obstacles? If so, how did you deal with them?
Initially, there were some logistical obstacles around reserving the space and ensuring proper insurance coverage for an event like this. But working with the WGA along with the Student Life Office, we were able to successfully pull it off!
4. How was the response?
The turnout was great! Between Wharton students along with Wharton partners, we had ~30 people come out to donate. In the end, we collected 22 pints of blood which can help save 66 lives!
5. Are you planning more such events?
The next Wharton Health Care Blood Drive is being planned for the fall semester, on September 22, 2020! Given the success, we hope to continue the drive once a semester into the future.


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