2020 Iron Prof Contest

This year’s Iron Prof event was successfully held on February 4th at World Café Live, Over 150 students, faculty, and staff listened as Professors Gad Allon, Peter Conti-Brown, and Peter Fader presented their most riveting academic research. The audience learned about the gig economy and its psychological impact on workers, a “feud” about public education in Minnesota, and the impact valuing a company’s customers can have on its stock price. Dean Howie also shared information about Wharton’s Teaching Excellence Initiative, which encourages professors to become outstanding communicators and engaging teachers. Attendees voted Professor Peter Fader as 2020’s winner of the Iron Prof title. WGA sponsored the event.

Wharton Top MBA Rugby Team in the USA

The Wharton Rugby Football Club (WRFC) Whartogs finished the 2019 Spring Season with a strong performance at the MBA World Cup in April.  This result was a reflection of the discipline and effort the team put forth throughout the season.  Preparation began in January when a group of coaches from the Crusaders, a professional team from New Zealand, put on a training clinic for the team.  The Hogs incorporated the lessons they learned from these seasoned professionals into their training sessions which began shortly thereafter.

Wharton Rugby at MBA World CupAfter several weeks of practice, thirty players embarked on a trip to South Africa where they would play a match against a team from the University of Cape Town, watch a local rugby match, and learn about the game’s heritage.  The tour proved highly beneficial as the Hogs put their training to work against a tough opponent and gained an appreciation for the sport’s international heritage.

After returning to Philadelphia, the team played several matches against area opposition, including the North Philadelphia Irish, Jersey Shore Sharks, and the Gryphons.  After winning all three matches, the Hogs were ready to test themselves against the top MBA Rugby teams in the world at the 2019 MBA World Cup hosted by Duke.

The team arrived in Danville, VA on Friday, April 12 in the middle of a downpour that would continue throughout the next two-days.  Although the conditions were far from ideal, the Hogs were ready to play in the mud.  The team won its three first round matches on Saturday against Duke, London Business School B-Side, and Dartmouth with little difficulty.  The Hogs then faced off against Columbia in the semi-finals on Sunday.  A hard-fought win set them up for the final match against London Business School (LBS) later that day.  This proved to be a tough, even match as neither team was able to score in the first half.  However, LBS scored twice in the second half to earn a narrow victory.  This result left the Hogs as the top MBA Rugby team in the United States, and the second best in the world for the 2019 season.  The team is looking forward to getting back to practice in the Fall after a well-deserved Summer break.